Top 10 fastest rapper in nigeria

Today let's settle the argument about who the best yoruba rappers are yoruba rap as a genre is the most concrete hip hop sub genre in nigeria konga is the fastest yoruba rapper i've ever heard top 10 igbo rappers in nigeria reality vs perception this is how ordinary people view hip hop. When listing out the fastest rappers in nigeria this 2018, there are some notable names worthy of mention that have taken rap music to the next level the fastest.

She is a rapper, entertainer, make-up artist, fashion designer and entrepreneur she is considered one of the best female rappers in nigeria. Nigeria is a blessed country those who say nigeria depends only on oil to generate revenue are not completely correct nigeria has so many talents in the. Here's 8 nigerian rap covers of the kanye west-approved hit panda nigeria's fastest rapper, uzi spits a couple hot bars over the song's.

Mainly, this is a list about the best rappers, and being the best rapper entails making the here are the 10 best rappers in the world right now. The six best female rappers in africa right now the likes of nigeria's sasha, who i believe was seriously overrated was regarded as a i could ask you the reader to name ten female emcees from around the world and i bet. Nigerians are talented no wonder so many gifted nigerians became world most known artists however, even among the most talented ones are those who. Below is a recently compiled list of five of the fastest rappers in nigeria, based on their songs out there and their performance in nigeria music industry disagree.

Pulse music presents the top 5 hottest nigerian rappers of the year. Its no surprise that artist that raps well and fast in nigeria have made a name in the hip hop industry and also in africa one thing that makes this musicians stand .

Top 10 fastest rapper in nigeria

Hip hop music has been popular in africa since the early 1980s due to widespread american influence in 1985 hip hop reached senegal, a french- speaking country in west africa some of the first senegalese rappers were mc lida, mc solaar, and scar has since won a channel o spirit of africa award 2007 for best hip. So that by the end of 2015, he was nigeria's most watched artist on a partly biographical song that tells the story of the young rapper's.

We are recognizing the top 5 igbo indigenious rappers that have done top 10 richest and most successful igbo business men in nigeria 10.

Top 10 fastest rapper in nigeria
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